Notifications: Merchant Admin Accounts

Configuring notifications for Merchant Admin Accounts

There are two parts for Merchant Admin Accounts to configure:

  1. Event Notifications - Create events, to trigger a notification
  2. Subscriptions - select who has access to the event (notification)

Create an Event Notification

  1. Log into Wise-Pay
  2. Click Configure
  3. Click Event Notifications
  4. Click Event Settings
  5. Select your Event Notification from the template or click Add to create a new Event Notification.

From the Template:

a. Select the Event Notification

b. Make amendments to the information

c. Click Update

Create a New Event Notification:

a. Click on Add

b. Enter a Name for the Notification

c. Select the Event Type

d. (Optional) Enter a description, so you know what the event will do

e. Enter a Title

f. (Optional) Preview email notification

g. (Optional) Forward email notification

h. Fill out the contents

i. Click Update

It is important to use detailed Names, Descriptions and Titles as you will need to create different Event Types that a Payer will receive compared to a Merchant.

Subscribe to the Event Notification

It is important to configure your Subscription Settings as it is where you configure access to the different events that have been configured.  If you do not create Subscriptions, users and payers will not have access to Notifications.

  1. Click Subscription Settings
  2. Click Add configuration
  3. Select the Event Notification
  4. Select who can access the Notification (Merchant Admins or Payers)
  5. (Optional) Automatically Subscribe to (Merchant Admins or Payers, depending on who has access to the notifications)
  6. Click Save

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