Configure Auto Payment Settings

Configure Auto-Payment Settings

  1. Log into Wise-Pay
  2. Click Configure
  3. Click Auto-Payments

  4. Click Edit

  5. Check the 'Is Enabled' checkbox
  6. Enter a whole number a Payment Processing Delay (In Hours)
    We delay an
    automatic payment for being processed straight away incase you have made a mistake and need to make amendments.
  7. Enter a whole number at Maximum Retries for a payment
    This is the number of tries we will attempt to process the card before we stop trying.  If it is a hard failure: stolen credit card, invalid card or expired card etc we will not try to process the payment again
  8. Option to enable scheduling of past due payments
    This is useful if an invoice is for example: due first of the month is sent on the 2nd or 3rd - the payment will be schedule for the next available payment run (ie. after 3pm the following dat)
  9. Enter the Maximum Days Past Due
    Allows Wise-Pay to schedule a payment that is past its due date
  10. Select Draft Invoice Approval
    This ensures that an invoice is in the correct status to take payments
  11. Enable finalised partially paid invoices
    This allows invoices that have been adjusted, to only process the outstanding amount, not the original amount
  12. Add Billing Terms
  13. Check update to save before adding Billing Terms

Configure Billing Terms

  1. Enter the Billing Term Name
  2. Enter the description of the Billing Term (Optional)
  3. Select the relevant ConnectWise Billing Term
  4. Select Scheduled at Processing Method - real time payments will be processed at the time the invoice is synced
  5. Select the scheduling mode
    Invoice Date
    Number of Days After Invoice Date > Scheduling Period (In Days) (eg. Schedule for payment after 14 days of the invoice
    Day of the Month (eg. 1st of the month)
  6. Tick accept for bank payments
  7. Click Save

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