Stripe Merchant Configuration

Stripe will provide you with the API username and password as part of your Onboarding. Log into Stripe with the details provided as part of your Onboarding.

Log in:

How do I get there?

To configure your SMerchant, click Configure from the top Menu then select Merchants.

What do I do?

Check out the settings below and what you need to do with them. Click Save when you're done!

Merchant Account ID
    1. Log into Stripe:
      Note:  Your Login Name will be the account that signed up for Stripe, and has access to all admin functions.
    2. Click on API Keys
    3. Testing Option: Copy the whole Test Secret Key, including the prefix ("sk_test_")
    4. Production Key: When you're ready to process real transaction, using real cards, you will need to use the Live Secret Key, ensure that you include the prefix ("sk_live_")
    5. Click Done


To learn more about Merchant Account Settings, see Merchant Configuration.

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