Taking Payments for Outstanding Invoices

Applies to: ConnectWise Manage, Datto Autotask PSA, Xero and QuickBooks Online

Paying an Invoice

Your customers are able to make payments to outstanding invoices in multiple ways. They can click on the Pay Now button inside an Invoice or Invoice Email (depending on your invoice configuration), or they can log in to Wise-Pay and pay via their dashboard.
Click here to read more about how your payers can make payments to their outstanding invoices. 

Provided the customer has provided you with permission, there are several ways you are able to take a payment for an outstanding invoice on a payers behalf:

  • Pay a single invoice: Select the Pay Invoice option from the outstanding invoice to take a payment by credit card or bank debit on your customers behalf.
    See Taking Payments for a Single Invoices.
  • Pay multiple invoices: Select the Batch Pay Now option from the outstanding invoice, or select Pay Now > Invoice Batch from the toolbar menu. This enables you to take credit card payment for multiple invoices at the one time.
    See What are Batch Payments.
  • Set your customers up with Automatic Payments: Automatically draw payments (i.e. Direct Debit) for issued invoices.
    See What Are Automatic Payments.
  • Virtual Terminal/Quick Link: Take invoice payments and prepayments in the field.
    See How to Use Virtual Terminal to Make Payments.
  • Take a prepayment: Take funds in lieu of an invoice direct from Wise-Pay.
    See How to Take a Prepayment.

Adding Payers

Your customers are able to have a free Wise-Pay Payer account where they can manage their payment methods, access copies of invoices and make invoice payments through Wise-Pay.
In order to set a payer up with recurring automatic payments (ie. Direct Debit), your customer must have a payer with at least 1 saved payment method.
Click here to read more about adding a payer to your Merchant account.
When your customer pays an invoice via a Pay Now button, they are also able to self-register during the payment process.

Saving Payment Methods

Once your customers have completed their Wise-Pay registration and saved a bank account and/or credit card to their respective Wise-Pay Payer account, you are able to start taking payments. If your customer wishes, you are also able to update payment details in Wise-Pay on their behalf.

Payment Processing Fee

A separate invoice is generated for any applicable payment processing fees charged. You can click the Download PDF button to download the invoice for this amount.

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