Configure Notifications: Payers Account

How to configure Notifications for Payers.

Wise-Pay allows your Payers to receive notifications.  To receive notifications, a Payer will need to Subscribe to each event, if they do not subscribe then they will not receive any notifications.  Alternatively, as a Merchant Admin you can assign Payers to receive certain notifications.

Note: If the Merchant hasn't configured any subscription, then you will not be able to assign yourself to any notifications.  


1. Log into Wise-Pay
2. Click Settings
3. Click Notifications
4. Select the Event Type you would like to receive the notification for.
5. Click Subscribe
6. Toggle the methods you would like to receive the notifications
7. Enter the email address to receive the notifications
8. Click Save  

Subscribe to an Event:

When subscribing to an event, you can choose either you received:
App Notifications - these notifications are displayed in Wise-Pay
Email Notifications - you will receive an email message for the notification.

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