Why have I received a Welcome to Wise-Pay email?

Have you received a Welcome to Wise-Pay email?

You have received the below email, because the requested company would like to add you as a payer.

The requested company is partnering with Wise-Pay and IntegraPay to help give you control on how and when payments are made, so don't be alarmed or report the message as spam.

What this means

By accepting or 'Click Here' you are joining Wise-Pay as a Payer, this will give you control on how  and when payments are made while providing the below distinct advantages:
  • Visual representation - Wise-Pay provides a visual representation of your outstanding invoices, scheduled invoices and past payments
  • Pay by Credit Card - Are you a big fan of credit card points?  We can set up your Direct Debit to be taken from your credit card.
  • Set and forget - Direct Debit payments for non MSA invoices can be set up on Wise-Pay to 'set and forget'!  This means, put in the date for payment and nominate the method, and payment will be processed via your chosen method on that date.

Wise-Pay enables you to:
  • Save Credit Card & Bank Account Details
  • Make Payments using a Saved Credit Card
  • Add / Change payment methods
  • View Past Payments - Processed through Wise-Pay
  • Schedule / Cancel future dated payments
  • Download Invoices (PDFs)
  • Setup Auto Payments

What are the costs

There are no costs involved for being a Payer, this is a free service provided to you by the requested company.

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