FAQ - What is AVS (Address Validation)

What is AVS (Address Validation)?

To reduce the number of card failures clients have the option of enabling AVS (Address Validation).


1. Log into Wise-Pay
2. Click Merchant
3. Click Edit
4. On the Merchant Configuration Tab > Advanced Options
5. Click Enable
Enable this to allow AVS information to be captured when creating and updating payers credit cards.
6. Click Save.


Billing Address: The Billing Address of the Payers Credit Card

Depending on your locale, 1 of the below will display:
Billing Postcode (AU & NZ): The Billing Postcode of the Payers Credit Card
Billing Zip Code (US): The Billing Zip Code of the Payers Credit Card
Billing Postal Code (UK & CA): The Billing Postal Code of the Payers Credit Card.

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