Manage (add / remove) invoices applied in a Batch Payment

Ability to add / remove an invoice from a batch after processing.

When managing invoices in batches you are able to:
  • Remove Invoices from a Batch Payment¬†
  • Add an Overpayment (available if you remove an invoice from a batch)
  • Add Invoice (available if you remove an invoice from a batch)

The following is a sample of removing invoices from a Batch.

The process to manage an invoice from a batch:

1. Create batch payment
2. Click Actions
3. Click Remove From Batch
4. Click OK to confirm you want to remove the invoice from the batch
5. Choose whether if you will:
a) Apply the funds to an outstanding invoice by clicking Add Invoice
b)  Add an Overpayment for the remaining amount

1. Create a batch payment:

2. Remove an Invoice from a Batch Payment

Click: Actions > Remove From Batch

Remove Invoice from Batch and Confirm:

Invoice 585 has successfully been removed from the batch:

a) Apply the unallocated amount to another invoice

b) Create an Overpayment