Is a Payer set up for Auto-Payments?

There are two important parts when it comes to setting up a Payer (Client) for Auto-Payments:
  1. Ensure the Payer has been added to Wise-Pay Payer
  2. Ensure the Invoice has Billing Terms

Wise-Pay Payer:

  • Ensure the Payer has been entered into Wise-Pay Payer (Payer Company Access)
  • Ensure the Payer has a Bank Account or Credit Card
  • Link the nominated payment method to the Auto-Payment Terms

Invoice Billing Terms:

For all invoices which are to be Automatically paid via Wise-Pay, we need to ensure that the Wise-Pay denoted Billing Terms are applied to the Invoice.
Depending on whether a client has agreed to one off, recurring (agreement) or all invoices, will determine where you change the Billing Terms.