New Feature - Batch Pay Multiple Invoices

Wise-Pay Batch Pay Multiple Invoices

What it does

Invoice Batch is the process of paying multiple invoices at one time.

What it means

If a Payer has multiple outstanding invoices, then they can log into their Wise-Pay Account a pay at number of invoices at once.  Alternately, if a Payer calls up and advises they would like to pay a number of invoices at once, or a certain amount you can easily take payment for multiple invoices, or an amount and apply it to different invoices.

Using Invoice Batch

1. Log into Wise-Pay
2. Click 'Pay Now'
3. Select 'Invoice Batch'

4. Select the Invoices you wish to collect payment for as part of a 
batch payment
4a. Search for the Company you wish to collect payment for
4b. If the invoices are for the same Company you can select 'Select All'

5. Click 'Continue'
6. If the Payer doesn't have a credit card entered, enter the details
6a. If the Payer has a credit card enter, select the credit card

7. Click 'Continue'
8. Tick the Check Box 'I agree to the terms'

9. Click 'Submit'

10. Receive the summary of the batch payment

11. You can view the batch payment in 'Past Payments'

Error Messages

The below error message indicates that the selected invoices are from different Payers (Companies). Wise-Pay only enables batch payments for the same company.  

The below error message indicates that the selected invoices have already been batched.  You will need to select alternative invoices.

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Feature Release V1.3.3

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