What happens if I apply a credit to an invoice due for Auto-Payment.

In Wise-Pay there is a configuration setting to allow partially paid invoices to have the remaining balance paid otherwise payment will generate an error.

Configure: Finalise Partially Paid Invoices

1. Hover over 'Configure'
2. Click on 'Auto-Payments'
3. Click 'edit' on the Account you would like to make changes
4. Click 'Don't Allow' so it should now show: 'Allow'

5. Click 'Update'

Wise-Pay will check for existing existing payments and attempt to modify the automatic payment amount.

DDR's are currently checked when queuing and scheduling
CC's are checked  when it's queued, scheduled and processed

If a credit note has been applied to a invoice after its been scheduled then the full amount will still be deducted (or tried to be deducted).