New Feature: Payer > Ability to rename Payer Company Name

If one of your payers has changed their Company Name, you are now able to update the Payer's Company name directly. 

New Feature:

The ability to change a Payer's Company Name.

How to update a Payer's Company Name:

1. Go to Payer Company Access
2. Find the Company Name you wish to update
3. Click on 'More' there will be an option 'Rename Payer Company'

The other way you can update a Payer's Company Name
1. Find the Payer Company you with to update
2. Click 'Edit'
3. Click 'Rename Payer Company'
4. Enter the new Payers Company Name
5. Click 'Save'

Error Messages:

There are other payers assigned to 'Company Name'

This means that there are other Payers assigned to that company name and if you press 'Save' it will update all the records.