New Feature: Dashboard > Preload Outstanding Payments

New Feature: Dashboard > Preload Outstanding Payments

Outstanding Payments displays all transactions that are waiting payments.  In order to speed up the time to load the transaction, we cached each session to 30 minutes.  In order for you to know when your cache was last updated we have added an icon, which will display the when it was last updated.  To update the cache version you will just need to refresh your browser.

New Feature:

We have added data loading into the dashboard which has been speed up as we cache the outstanding payments data.  We have now set the cache for 30 minutes to allow the controls to load quicker as the user navigates around the site.

Additional icon:

This icon has been created in Outstanding Payments to provide an indication on when the accounting package data was last updated.

Accounting Data was last updated:

When you hover over the 'Information' icon it will indicate when the accounting data was last updated.
On the below example you can see: Company 1: was updated 17 minutes ages and Company 2 was also updated 17 minutes ago.

Update / Refresh the data:

To update / refresh your data in 'Outstanding Payments' you can just click on the 'refresh' button

Reconnect your Accounting Package:

On the below example you can see that you need to reconnect your accounting package as it has been disconnected.

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