FAQ - Payment Errors - Failed Payment: Transaction Declined

What is this error?

This error is what it says - the payment has failed, it has been declined.

Why is this error occuring?

Failed payments can occur for a number of reasons, that you need to investigate.

  • The customer has gone over their daily limit
  • The bank has stopped the payment for some reason
  • Credit Card may have been Stolen
  • Insufficient Funds

How can I investigate?

More information can be found by your payments merchant.

If you're with Integrapay

  • Log into your IntegraPay account.
  • Go to Transactions > Transaction Search
  • Locate the transaction receiving the error

In the transaction list, the Status column will indicate that it has failed. Click View Receipt for more information. The Transaction Audit will provide more information on why the transaction has failed. These errors come from either the card issuer (for credit card payments) or the paying bank (for DDR / ACH payments).

Here are some of those reasons and what you can do to follow them up. We'll build on these over time. It's recommended you advise your customer of the failure, particularly for automatic payments, since they may not be aware of it. Payments won't be retried unless there was a network issue processing the payment. Once the issue is resolved, retry the payment.

StatusTransaction AuditWhat it means
Rejected (Transaction Declined)Do not honorThis is a hard fail, declined by the acquiring bank. Ask the payer to contact their bank to see what the problem is. Once given the all clear, retry the payment.
Rejected (Transaction Declined)
Pick up CardThis could mean that the card details are incorrect or the card has been reported lost or stolen. Contact your customer to follow up their card issuer. Once given the all clear, retry the payment.

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