Configure Terms & Disclaimers

To use Automatic Payments, you will be required to set up Terms and Disclaimers. Your customers will need to accept these terms when interacting with Wise-Pay.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Click Configure 
  2. Select Terms and Disclaimers
  3. Click Add Terms

You will need to create terms for the following:

  • User Account
  • Saved Card
  • Saved Bank Account
  • Payment
  • Direct Debit Request/ACH
  • Auto-Payments


To use Wise-Pay Automatic Payments, you will need to have authorization from your customer to take payments. Presently you will require authority for IntegraPay to make Direct Debit/ACH payments from their bank account. If you have not yet received an electronic co-branded IntegraPay ACH/DD form for your clients to complete, please contact As your clients will need to click Acceptance of these Terms, Wise-Pay will not allow you to process Automatic Payments without Terms & Disclaimers set up.

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