ConnectWise Sell

ConnectWise Sell is a Quoting tool used widely amongst the ConnectWise partnerbase.

ConnectWise Sell provides end-to-end quoting for configuration and resale items (products). With direct integration into ConnectWise and other ERP systems such as NetSuite and Sales Force, it is a comprehensive quoting tool for businesses that are looking to automate and streamline their quoting processes, to acchieve the next level of Configure - Price - Quote (CPQ)

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What Configuration is Required?

In order to facilitate the exchange of payment information form ConnectWise Sell Order Porter, Wise-Pay is configured as a proxy, using the Authorize.Net framework to transact payment information securely from ConnectWise Sell Order Porter to your preferred Payment Provider. Due to the way in which ConnectWise Sell passes information; configuration such as dynamic surcharges are limited in their implementation as the final amount defined in the quote in ConnectWise Sell will be the final amount charged. 

Here's how to do it:

 Configure Wise-Pay Proxy 
  1. Click 'Configure'

  2. Click 'Merchants'
  3. Click 'Edit'
  4. Click the 'Proxy' Tab
  5. Select the Proxy Type: Authorize.Net
  6. Select the Proxy User, this will be the user that will be linked to proxy access.
  7. Click 'Generate'

  8. Click 'Display'

Copy the details into the Connectwise Sell Configuration Screen

Required Details:
  • Transaction Key - This is the key used to link the payment to your account. 
  • Test URL -  The URL that ConnectWise Sell Order Porter will use to submit test transactions, when Live Mode is disabled.
  • Live URL - The URL that ConnectWise Sell Order Porter will use to submit live transactions, when Live Mode is enabled. 
  • Recurring Test URL - The URL that ConnectWise Sell Order Porter will use to submit Recurring Payment Information, when Live Mode is disabled.
  • Recurring Live URL - The URL that ConnectWise Sell Porter will use to submit Recurring Payment Information, when Live Mode is enabled.
 Copy Proxy Setting to Connectwise Sell Order Porter - Branding & Template Settings 
    1. Log into Connectwise Sell
    2. Click 'Settings'
    3. Expand the 'Organisation Setup'
    4. Expand the 'Order Porter Setup'
    5. Select 'Payment Processing'
    6. Enter the values from step 9 in Configure Wise-Pay Connectwise Sell


      Enter the Transaction Key (#1) into both API Login and Transaction Key

      Enter the Test URL (#2) into Onetime Test URL

      Enter the Live URL (#3) into Onetime Live URL

      Enter the Recurring Test URL (#4) into the Recurring Test URL

      Enter the Recurring Live URL (#5) into the Recurring Live URL

      Select Live Mode to enable processing of transactions from Connectwise Sell.

    7. Test Card Transactions:
      Test the Authorize.Net will confirm that you have configured the Merchant Configuration correctly in both Connectwise Sell and Wise-Pay.
    8. Enter a Test Card
      Visa - 4111111111111111
      Mastercard - 5555555555554444
      AMEX - 371449635398431
    9. Enter a valid Expiry (any data in the future)
    10. Click 'Test'
      Test Transactions Responses

    11. Click 'Save'
      Note: Connectwise Sell may still report that changes made are unsaved, when you proceed to the next step

      Rest assured the settings are saved.
 Upload Metadata 
    1. Click on 'Settings' in Connectwise Sell
    2. Click 'Upload Metadata' under the Document Branding
    3. Click on 'Online Payment Settings'
    4. Click 'Submit'

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