FAQ - Can I accept payments over the phone?

Yes. Your customer is able to pay their account over the phone, either in full or part-payment with Wise-Pay using their saved payment method, or a one-off credit card. 

Here's how to do it:

  1. In your Wise-Pay Portal, select the outstanding invoice.
  2. On the Actions Tab next to the invoice, choose the Pay Invoice action.
  3. In the Payer's Details widget, select the Payer Name from the drop down.
    - If the payer does not yet have a payer account, you are able to click +Add Payer to add them as a payer
  4. In the Payment Details widget, select the saved payment method to use for the payment.
    - If there is no saved payment method, you are able to click +Add and enter a new credit card.
    You can choose whether to save the new card to their payer record but checking 'Save credit card for future payments'. If this checkbox is not checked, the credit card will not be saved and only used as a one-time payment method. 
  5. Validate the amount to be paid in the Review Payment widget. You can lower the amount to pay by clicking 'Edit'.
  6. If a credit card surcharge is applicable, you have the option to remove the surcharge by clicking the 'x' icon.
    You must then accept the Surcharge Override Terms.
  7. Once everything is confirmed, click Pay Now.
  8. Accept the Terms and Conditions on behalf of your customer.
  9. Click the Submit Payment button.
  10. Once the payment has been processed, a link to the invoice and surcharge invoice will be emailed to your customer.

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