Payment Options - Proxy: Quosal Order Porter

Step 3: Configure Quosal Order Porter Proxy

In order to facilitate the exchange of payment information from Quosal Order Porter, Wise-Pay is configured as a proxy, using the Authorize.Net framework to transact payment information securely from Quosal Order Porter to your preferred Payment Provider. Due to the way in which Quosal passes information; configuration such as dynamic surcharges are limited in their implementation as the final amount defined in the quote in quosal will be the final amount charged.  

a. Log into Wise-Pay
b. Click Configure
c. Click Merchants
d. Click Edit
e. Click Proxy Tab

Step 1 - Configure Wise-Pay Proxy

Select the Proxy tab at the top of the Account Merchant Configuration Page.

Step 1 - Click on Proxy menu at the top of Wise-Pay

  • Step 1.1 - Select the Proxy Type: Authorize.Net
  • Step 1.2 - Select the Proxy User, this will be the user that will be linked to proxy access.
  • Step 1.3 - Click Generate

Step 2 - Copy Proxy Details
  • Step 2.1 - Click on: Display
  • Step 2.2 - Copy the following details into the Quosal Configuration Screen in the following steps:

    Note: Above values are for illustration, your settings will be displayed and need to be copied exactly.

Required Details:
  • Transaction Key - This is the key used to link the payment to your account. 
  • Test URL -  The URL that Quosal Order Porter will use to submit test transactions, when Live Mode is disabled.
  • Live URL - The URL that Quosal Order Porter will use to submit live transactions, when Live Mode is enabled. 
  • Recurring Test URL - The URL that Quosal Order Porter will use to submit Recurring Payment Information, when Live Mode is disabled.
  • Recurring Live URL - The URL that Quosal Order Porter will use to submit Recurring Payment Information, when Live Mode is enabled.

Step 2 - Copy Proxy Settings to Quosal Order Porter - Branding & Template Settings > Payment Processing

You will need to have Quosal Admin user rights to be able to edit the "Document Branding Settings" setup configuration options

Step 3 - Click on Settings menu at the top of Quosal Sell

  • Step 3.1 - Click on Settings menu at the top of Quosal Sell
  • Step 3.2 - Expand Organization Setup, then expand Order Porter Setup and select Payment Processing.

    Enter the values from step 2.2
  • Step 3.3.1 - Select
  • Step 3.3.2 - Enter the Transaction Key (#1) into both API Login and Transaction Key
  • Step 3.3.3 - Enter the Test URL (#2) into Onetime Test URL
  • Step 3.3.4 - Enter the Live URL (#3) into Onetime Live URL
  • Step 3.3.5 - Enter the Recurring Test URL (#4) into the Recurring Test Url
  • Step 3.3.6 - Enter the Recurring Live URL (#5) into the Recurring Live URL
  • Step 3.3.7 - Select Live Mode to enable processing of transactions from Quosal.
  • Step 3.3 Test Transaction

    Test Card Transactions

    Testing the will confirm that you have configured the Merchant Configuration correctly in both Quosal and Wise-Pay  

    • Step 3.3.1 - Enter a Test Card 

      Visa - 4111111111111111
      Mastercard - 5555555555554444
      AMEX - 

    • Step 3.3.2 - Enter a valid Expiry (any date in the future)

    • Step 3.3.3 - Click on Test

      Test Transactions Responses: 
      MessageResolution Steps
      The test transaction succeeded.
      Congratulations! Wise-Pay and Quosal are configured Correctly.
      Test Failed
      The merchant API Login ID is invalid or the account is inactive.
      Either of the following conditions may apply:
      • Wise-Pay has not been configured correctly, ensure that details of the Proxy configuration are correct in both Wise-Pay and Quosal Order Porter Payment Processing
      • The merchant option has been "Tick to disable accepting payments" is active, ensure that merchant API Details are correct and that this option is deselected.
      The merchant does not accept this type of credit cardYou have entered a card number for a card type that is not enabled in Wise-Pay. Ensure that the Card Type has "Accept Payment" checkbox selected.   
      The credit card has expiredThe Expiry date is invalid and needs to be updated to a date in the future.  
  • Step 3.4 - Click Save
    Note:  Quosal may still report that changes made are unsaved, when you proceed to the next step.