Braintree Merchant Configuration

Braintree has all of the information that is required to complete the configuration of your Wise-Pay Merchant account settings. Log into Braintree with the details provided from your sign up process. If you do not have a Braintree account, Sign Up HereClick on [Login Name] > Account Settings

Note: Your Login Name will be the account that signed up for Braintree, and has access to all admin functions. 

Log in:

How do I get there?

To configure your Braintree Merchant, click Configure from the top Menu then select Merchants.

What do I do?

Check out the settings below and what you need to do with them. Click Save when you're done!

Merchant Account ID

Obtain your Merchant Account ID

    1. Click on Settings > Processing
      Note:  The merchant Account ID is required at a later step. Note this account ID for later reference.
    2. At the bottom of the form, note the "Merchant Account ID" this will be required for processing. This will be different between your Sandbox and Productions accounts.
    3. From the top menu - Click on Account > My User
    4.  Press View.
    5. Optional - If no API Key is present in the list box press the Generate New button to generate a new Key and revert to Step 4 to view the API Key. Take note of the following Settings:


      The merchant ID listed here is different to the "Merchant Account ID" listed in Step 1. This id is used to connect to your Braintree Account; where the Merchant Account ID is used to connect to your processing service. This would be different for each processing account if you process cross-border transactions, or have one Braintree account for multiple business accounts.


To learn more about Merchant Account Settings, see Merchant Configuration.

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