The Automatic Payments Widget

What is it?

The Automatic Payments widget displays a list of payments that are being/have been processed via the Automatic Payments feature. Read more about this feature at What Are Automatic Payments.

What information am I looking at?

ReferenceThe Invoice ID.
Payer CompanyThe payer company to whom the invoice has been issued.
TypeThe payment method used for that payment.
AmountThe amount of the payment.
SurchargeThe surcharge applicable to the payment, based on the payment method.
Submitted        The date the payment was submitted to the payment processor.
ScheduledThe date the payment is scheduled to be processed by the payment processor.
ProcessedThe date the payment was fully processed by the payment processor.
StatusThe status of the payment.
DetailsThe reference of the payment provided by payment processor.

What can I do with these payments?

The following actions are available through the Actions drop-down available on each of the invoices displayed in this pod.

  • Reset: Resets the number of retries that have been done for this invoice to 0. On the next sync the invoice would be re-queued for automatic payment
  • Reset & Re-queue: Resets the number of retries that have been done for this invoice to 0 and immediately queues is for automatic payments
  • Fix: Allows the user to fix the payment, depending on its status.
  • Re-allocate: Enables you to allocate the amount to another invoice for the same payer.
  • Pay Using Backup: Not Available. This feature will allow subsequent attempts to process failed payments using a secondary payment method configured for the payer.

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