Manage Automatic Payment Terms for Payers

As an Administrator, you can configure Automatic Payment Terms for the payers through the Payer Company Access page. The automatic payment terms are used to pay invoices using automatic payments.
See What Are Automatic Payments for Merchants for more details.
To understand the color coding for icons, see How To Manage Payers.


    1. Log in to Wise-Pay
    2. Click Payer Admin
    3. Click the Edit icon ( )
    4. Click the Auto-Pay tab
    5.  Select Add > Auto-Payment Mapping or click the Edit icon to edit an existing auto payment mapping.

      Note: On the Payer Company Access page, you can also click (no auto-pay mapping) to add a new mapping, or click  > <Auto Payment mapping name> to edit it.

    6. Select the automatic payment term from the Automatic Payment Terms Id drop-down.

    7. Select the Primary and Secondary payment methods to automatically pay the invoices matching this payment term.

    8. Click the I accept the terms for saving my card for later use check box.
      Wise-Pay displays the Terms & Conditions popup listing the terms defined by the Wise-Pay merchant for credit card payments.
    9. Click Accept to accept the terms.

    10. Click Save.


You can delete an auto-pay mapping for any of your payers. The payer cannot delete a mapping created by the payer admin.

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