How to Configure Settlement Groups to Group Prepayments

Wise-Pay can be configured to take pre-payments from supported third-party applications like ConnectWise Manage or ConnectWise iSell. The settlement group feature enables Wise-Pay merchants to group pre-payments received from various sources based on the source of the payments. The merchants will receive the funds in their bank accounts settled as total funds grouped by the reference for each payment source. For example, all pre-payments received from ConnectWise manage would be grouped and settled as one transaction by IntegraPay.

Note: This feature is only available for payments settled through IntegraPay. 


To configure settlement groups: 

  1. Login to Wise-Pay as a merchant. See How do I Log Into Wise-Pay as Merchant.
  2. Ensure that a company is selected from the Company drop-down.
  3. Navigate to Configure > Merchants and click Edit merchant
    Wise-Pay displays the Account Merchant Details page. 
  4. Click the Settlement Groups tab.
  5. Enter the description for pre-payments received through the following channels. The specified text would appear in the bank account to indicate the pre-payments received through each of these payment channels.
    • ConnectWise Manage
    • Email
    • ConnectWise Sell
    • Quick Link
  6. Click Save.

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