Introduction to Wise-Pay

What is Wise-Pay?

Wise-Pay is a revolutionary brainchild of Wise-Sync — the ConnectWise master integrators and creators of Wise-Sync, the top-rated accounting integration application in the ConnectWise marketplace. Wise-Sync ninjas blended decades of accounting experience with extensive research on over 300 Wise-Sync accounting partners across eight countries to create this power-packed, yet easy to use, one-stop-payment solution.

Wise-Pay seamlessly integrates with your cloud accounting application to reduce your accounts receivable cycle and makes payment reconciliation a breeze. Suitable for businesses of all sizes, regardless of turnover limits, Wise-Pay is designed to scale with your business.

How Wise-Pay Works

Wise-Pay is a cloud-hosted, subscription-based service that enables merchants to take money from the payers for the invoices issued to them. Wise-Pay uses Wise-Sync to sync invoices issued from ConnectWise to the cloud accounting packages (such as Xero). The invoices from the accounting package are brought into the merchant account of Wise-Pay. The merchant registers its clients as payers. The payers use Wise-Pay to pay the invoices issued by the merchant.

What are Wise-Pay Roles

Wise-Pay users can be grouped into the following roles:


A merchant is a company that subscribes to Wise-Pay to get payments for the invoices issued to its clients. A merchant pays subscription charges to Wise-Pay as per the selected plan. Upon buying the Wp subscription, one of the Wise-Pay consultants joins the merchant for the onboarding and handover session. This session covers the integration with accounting packages and merchant configuration. The merchant configures her Wise-Pay account and adds payers. An email invite is sent to each payer, and she registers with Wise-Pay to make payments.


A payer is a company that utilizes products or services from a Wise-Pay merchant and gets invoices from the Wise-Pay merchant. A merchant can register multiple payers which then login to Wise-Pay to pay their invoices issued by the merchant. All Wise-Pay payer accounts are free, so a payer pays no subscription charges. When a payer logs into her Wise-Pay account, she can see the invoices issued by the merchant and can pay using the configured payment methods.

What Can I Do as a Merchant

The following diagram highlights the flow of actions for a merchant:

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