Add a New Wise-Pay User:

  1. Log into Wise-Sync
  2. Click 'Users'
  3. Click '+ New User'
  4. Select the 'User Role'
  5. Enter users 'First Name'
  6. Enter users 'Last Name'
  7. Enter users 'Email Address'
  8. Leave or modify 'User Name'
  9. Enter 'Password'
  10. Confirm 'Password'
  11. Enter ConnectWise: Member ID (optional)
  12. Enter ConnectWise: Member password (optional)
  13. Enter ConnectWise: Member password (optional)
  14. Click 'Test ConnectWise Connectivity'
  15. Click 'Create'

You can manage users that will pay invoices by:

  1. Log into Wise-Pay
  2. Click 'Configure'
  3. Click 'User Access'
  4. Select whether they are 'Is Merchant Admin' or 'Allow Company Access'
  5. Click 'Save'