FAQ- Are payments processed for expired credit cards?

Recurring payments can continue past the expiry date of the card saved on file providing there has been previous successful transactions for that card and merchant account. This is a card provider provision and ensures that services can continue where a card expiry has not been updated. Simply allowing a card to expire doesn’t mean that it cannot be used in these situations. Conversely, if you were to try to process a real-time payment then the payment will fail. Not all providers allow expired card transactions, but it can happen and isn’t an unauthorized use of the card, rather if the card holder advised that they no longer wished to have their payments taken by card, the payment card should have been removed and the automatic payment terms, to no longer trigger the automatic payment.

Message from Integrapay:

When a recurring transaction is captured in our system for the customer we do not require the expiry date. This is across the board for our clients as we try to mitigate any issues with a payment being stopped by an expiry date on a card.

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