Known Issue: Updating a payment in the PSA has not been implemented with the NPE flow



Who's affected

All partners with NPE enabled on their account.


The process for updating a payment in the PSA has not been implemented as part of the payment flow in New Payment Experience. The Current (old flow) will update the payment of an invoice in the PSA where an invoice payment was successful. In ConnectWise, this will include the partial/full payment information of invoice payment. In AutoTask, this will be the setting of the ‘Date Paid’ where an invoice is fully paid.

What are we doing about it?

We have escalated this to our Product team and currently being investigated as a matter of priority.


Partners will need to Sync Payments in order for payments to be reflected in the PSA.

  1. Select the company you need to Sync to
  2. Click on the Payments Tab (if not already selected)
  3. Set an alternative date to sync Payments Updated After (I.e. To re-apply payments made earlier).
  4. Press the Sync Payments button.
  5. Review the results

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