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We are always striving to make Wise-Pay better, to make it more user friendly for both you and your customers so you can get paid faster and spend more time doing what's important.
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May 2023

As we continue to listen to our partners, we have made some further updates making it even easier for you to get paid.

  • Payer Username:
    • Previously a Support ticket needed to be raised for the WisePay team to update a Payer Username so it matched their email address, now payers are able to update their own username.
      Please note that we have not yet provided access for merchants to be able to update a payer username.
      Note: Payer 'Usernames' are used to log into WisePay. Their 'Email Address' is currently used to log into the Payment Portal & for Wise-Pay Notifications, 2FA emails & re-set password emails to be sent to. It's recommended that their email address and username are one and the same. 
  • Payment Portal Email 2FA Codes:
    • We understand that there are instances when Email 2FA Codes are taking sometime to be received in payer's inboxes when they logging in to make a payment through our Payment Portal. When the email is finally received, the code has expired, blocking payers from being able to login.
      Until we can effectively  address the root cause, we have provided the option to 'resend' a 2FA Code which will override the initial code.
      Note: The ‘Resend Code’ button will only be displayed if an invalid 2FA Code was first entered.
  • Payment Portal:
    • After a payment has been made in the Payment Portal, we now display the updated 'Amount Due' in the Invoice Details widget. Previously the amount displayed was the original Amount Due before the payment has been made.
      Note: Amount Due = Invoice Total less amount/s paid &/or scheduled

April 2023

We have been working hard making the Pay Now Payment Portal even more easier to use for your customers. We have listened to your feedback and have made the first entry point to make a payment much simpler for all payers.

  • Log in flow:
    • Payers just need to enter in  a valid email address (ie one that exists in WisePay) and then be prompted to enter their password and 2FA code.
      Otherwise payers can click on either the Xero SSO or Microsoft SSO button for a seamless single sign on experience. 
  • Checkout as Guest flow:
    • Guest Payers no longer need to validate their email address first, they can simply click the 'Checkout as Guest' button and continue to make a payment via credit card.
  • Register flow:
    • For payers looking to create a WisePay payer account, they can simply click on the 'Create Account' button, validate their email address (to ensure they don't already have a payer account) and continue through the payment flow.

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