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We are always striving to make Wise-Pay better, to make it more user friendly for both you and your customers so you can get paid faster and spend more time doing what's important.
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November 2022

This release sees a new ConnectWise Sell - Wise-Pay integration and an updated prepayment reconciliation process, making it easier to reconcile both Quote payments and Prepayments:

  • ConnectWise Sell (Order Porter):
    • We are excited to announce that we have a brand new Wise-Pay integration with ConnectWise Sell. This ultimately means that you are now able to accept both credit card and bank debit payments via Wise-Pay for your Order Porter quote payments.
    • Refer to this Knowledge Base article for information on how to configure the new quote payment flow.
  • Prepayment Reconciliation:
    • We are also pleased to announce that we now have a simpler way of reconciling prepayments in your Accounting Package. 
      • This applies to both Quote payments and Prepayments: Prepayments being a result of your customer paying an invoice prior to it being synced; payments in lieu of an invoice by you as the Merchant from within Wise-Pay, or by your technician via a Quicklink or the Virtual Terminal.
    • NOTE: This feature will be enabled during the migration process from Payrix to Global Payments or Ezidebit.
      For existing Global Payments customers, please reach out if you would like this feature enabled for your merchant account.
      For Xero users, refer to this Knowledge Base article for further information.
      For QBO users, refer to this Knowledge Base article for further information. 

July 2022

This release extends on the payer login experience:

  • Setup a 2FA Authenticator App
    • In order to allow your payers to log in quicker when paying an invoice, we now provide an option to set up a 2FA authenticator app when they log in to the Payment Experience.

      The details are covered in this Knowledge Base article.

June 2022

In this latest release, we have continued to improve the payer journey:

  • Login with SSO!
    • Your payers now have the ability to log in to the Payment Experience using Xero and Microsoft Single-Sign on, just like they can in Wise-Pay. Instead of needing to remember their username and password, they can simply click the 'Xero' or 'Microsoft' Sign in button to seamlessly pay their invoices.

      The details are covered in this Knowledge Base article.
  • Payer Username
    • The Payer Username is now a visible field on the 'Edit Payer' screen in Payer Admin. 
    • It is currently read-only, but we do have plans to make this editable in an upcoming release.
      NOTE: The 'Username' is a Payer's email address used to log in to Wise-Pay; as opposed to the 'Email' field which is used to send notifications to.

May 2022

Based on user feedback, we are making some exciting changes to the Payment Experience to help streamline the payment process for your customers.
Continue reading to see what's just been released, and watch this space for more usability updates to follow! 

  • Login / Register process
    • Instead of your payers selecting how they want to interact with the payment experience upfront, the flow is now based on their entered email address:

      • If the email address matches an existing payer record, they will be prompted to enter their password (and 2FA Code if required) to login.
      • If they don't wish to login, payers are able to choose the 'Checkout as Guest' option.

      • If their email address does not match an existing payer record, they will be prompted to complete their Payer Information and now have the option to 'Save Information for next time' which will then register them as a payer, or they can continue checking out as a guest without saving their information.

  • Payment Method icons
    • The accepted payment type icons are now clickable buttons. Clicking on a credit card button will expand the Credit Card form, and clicking on the Bank Account icon will expand the bank account form (for logged in or registering payers only).

  • Digital Signature for Terms acceptance
    • When a digital signature is required for Terms acceptance, the signature fields are now displayed after the Terms are accepted in order to make the order of the required actions clear.

  • Paying an unsynced Invoice
    • Payers are now able to log in and access their saved credit card when paying an invoice before it has been synced (ie a Prepayment).
    • Coming soon will be the ability for payers to also access their saved bank account and make a payment using a ACH/bank debit.

February 2022

  • Adding Payment Methods
    • We have made it simpler to add payment methods and set up Automatic Payments for your customers on the Payer Admin screen when a Payer is associated with multiple Companies.
      The 'Add' button has been moved to the 'Companies' tab, this way it doesn't matter which payer record you opened on the Payer Admin screen.

January 2022

  • Automatic Payment Terms and Disclaimers
    • You now have the ability to prompt your Payer's to re-accept Automatic Payment Terms and Disclaimers.
      For those Merchants who have previously accepted the Automatic Payment Term on a payer's behalf in Wise-Pay and/or where a paper DDR Agreement has been provided, you are now able to prompt existing payers to accept the Terms digitally.
      In addition, from now, any new payers added to Wise-Pay will be required to accept the Automatic Payment Terms upon login, even if the you accepted them on the payer’s behalf when the payer record was created.

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