Configure: Merchant PayNow Quicklink

Wise-Pay allows for a direct link to the payment portal, allowing you or your technicians to take invoice payments without a Pay Now payment link, or take a prepayment while on-site.

How do I get there?

To configure a Quicklink, click Configure from the top toolbar menu in Wise-Pay and select Merchants, then click on the PayNow Links tab.


Quicklinks are for internal-use only, they are not to be provided to your customers to use as a payment option.

What do I do?

Create a Quicklink
    1. Click on the Configure Menu > Merchants at the top
    2. Click on the Edit icon next to your Merchant Company
    3. Click on the PayNow Links Tab from the tabs along the top row of tabs
    4. Select Quicklink from the PayNow Link Type drop down list
    5. Click Generate
    6. Once the Quicklink has been generated, click on Display to display the link
    7. Click on the url in the popup and copy the entire URL (including the long TransactionId)
    8. Close the PayNow Link Details popup
    9. Click Save


Instead of writing the code down with a notepad and pen, press CTRL + A, CTRL + C to automatically copy it to your computer's clipboard.

Using a Quicklink
  • Once generated, your technicians are able to bookmark the url
  • The Quicklink url can be used to take payment for a known invoice number OR to take a prepayment from a customer
    • Enter a known invoice number into the Invoice Number field and click Pay Invoice
      • This will open the Payment screen to allow you to take payment for that invoice:

      • If you don't yet have an invoice and wish to take a prepayment in lieu of the invoice, click Pay without Invoice Number
        • You will then be asked to enter in the prepayment details
        • Clicking Continue will then open the Payment screen to allow you to take the prepayment:

ConnectWise Virtual Terminal

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