PCI Assure FAQ's and Enrollment Guide

What is PCI Compliance?

PCI compliance is a requirement to ensure that you meet security standards when accepting payments.

Are there any fees involved with PCI Compliance?

PCI Compliance fees charged for PCI Assure ($14.95/mo) are waived for Wise-Pay merchants. However, it does not absolve your requirement to complete the PCI questionnaire and maintain PCI compliance (I.e. not storing credit card details, using Wise-Pay to process payments etc).
If you do not complete the questionnaire your account will be considered non-compliant and additional fees for non compliant processing may apply.

PCI Assure Enrollment

1. To get started, log into the PCI ASSURE portal today at https://pciassure.gpndi.com with the credentials you will receive from PCI ASSURE. 

You will receive 2 emails from the following email sender/email address: Merchant Protection Program / notifications@gpndi.com, with the following email subjects: email #1) "Your PCI DSS portal credentials"; email #2) "Your PCI DSS portal password."

2. Complete annual Self- Assessment Questionnaire and attest to it. If assistance is required contact Sysnet Technical Support at (404) 991-3110.

The questionnaire is a very simple questionnaire (about 8 questions) to confirm that you're not storing credit cards, and that you are using an accredited merchant service provider (Global Payments, Open Edge Payments) to process payments.

After filling out the questionnaire, you should be prompted with the below message.


If you need assistance getting started, or at any time throughout the compliance process with PCI ASSURE, please call 800-338-6614 Option 5

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