Wise-Pay Standalone

For customers that do not use ConnectWise or Datto Autotask for Invoice creation, we have an Accounting Package only version of Wise-Pay. This version pulls the Invoices from either Xero or Quickbooks Online (QBO) into Wise-Pay to facilite payment.
If creating invoices with Xero Branding Themes or QBO Billing Terms, you are able to set those payments up as Automatic Payments in Wise-Pay.

Wise-Pay Settings

Refer to this KB article on how to configure your Merchant Settings for Wise-Pay.
Then ensure the below Wise-Pay Standalone settings are configured for your merchant account.
In Configure > Merchants:

  • Set 'Invoice Source' to 'Accounting Platform'
  • Set 'ConnectWise User' to 'Wise-Pay Only User'

Automatic Payments

If you wish to process Automatic Payments from Wise-Pay, you first need to set up Branding Themes / Billing Terms inside of Xero / QBO:

Xero Branding Themes
  1. Refer to the Xero article on how to set up Branding Themes in Xero.
  2. On the Invoice, select the relevant Branding Theme.
Quickbooks Online Billing Terms
  1. Refer to the Quickbooks Online article on how to set up Billing Terms in QBO.
  2. When an invoice is created, QuickBooks applies the default payment term. However, if the customer in the invoice has a payment term set for them, QuickBooks will use that instead.
Configure Wise-Pay Automatic Payments

Refer to our Setup Billing Terms article.


  • When an invoice is synced from your Accounting Package to Wise-Pay, if the invoice contains a Branding Theme/Billing Term from Xero/QBO that matches to one configured for Automatic Payments in Wise-Pay, then that invoice will automatically be queued for processing.
  • If the Automatic Payment invoice needs to be queued earlier than the scheduled job, click ‘Actions > Queue’ for the relevant invoice
  • When a change is made to the invoice in Xero/QBO, the invoice will be updated in Wise-Pay the same way they are now
  • Updates to invoices in the accounting package result in scheduled payments being cancelled then rescheduled for the updated amount (depending on the payment status and Merchant config settings)
  • if an invoice fails to match a Wise-Pay payer, it won’t be queued for automatic payment. Once the payer is set up, you can manually queue the payment.

Not yet implemented:

  • Any changes to the billing term on an invoice in the Acct Package won’t yet be preserved through Wise-Pay:
    • Queued automatic payment invoice → billing term removed/updated to a non-auto pay term

      • the payment won’t yet be removed from automatic payments widget

    • Queued automatic payment invoice → billing term updated to a different auto pay term

      • the billing term for that invoice won’t yet be updated

    • Outstanding invoice with no automatic payment billing term → billing term added to an automatic payment term

      • The invoice won’t yet be queued for automatic payment processing

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