How to Make Batch Payments

Make Batch Payments  What are Batch Payments?

You can make batch payments whenever you have multiple outstanding invoices issued by the same Wise-Pay merchant. It is important to note that batch payments can only be made through credit cards. The bank transfer options will be added in the future releases.

Here's how to do it:

  1. In the Outstanding Payments pod, look for Outstanding Invoices.
  2. Select Actions > Batch Pay Now for any of these invoices.
    Note: You can also use the Pay Now > Invoice Batch menu option.
  3. Use the check box to include the invoice into the batch. You can also use the Select All or Unselect All.
    Wise-Pay automatically calculates the total outstanding amount for the selected invoices.
  4. Enter the amount that you want to pay in the Batch Amount text area.
  5. In the Allocated text area for each of the selected invoices, enter the amount that you wish to allocate to the invoice out of the total batch amount. The sum of the all allocated amounts appears in the Total Allocated Amount text area. 
  6. Click Continue to view the batch details and select the credit card for batch payment. Verify the batch amount and Allocated amount before paying.
  7. Select one of the saved credit cards or click New to pay using a new credit card.
  8. Click Continue to view the Batch Pay Now screen that displays the payment, credit card, and invoice details. Carefully review these details.
  9. Click I agree to terms and click Accept on the Terms & Conditions pop-up window.
  10. Click Submit to make the payment. The Batch Payment Details screen displays the payment details. The Batch Status field displays the status of the batch payment. The status of each individual invoice from the batch is displayed in the Status column under the Invoices section.


The Re-submit button appears in the case of any payment error. It enables you to select a different card to make the payment.A Wise-Pay merchant can also take payment for an issued invoice on behalf of a payer, using the payer's bank account or credit cards. The payments taken by merchants are reflected in the payer's Wise-Pay accounts. A payer will not be able to pay an invoice for which the merchant has already taken a payment.

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