Global Payments

Who are Global Payments?

Global Payments Inc. are a leading worldwide Payment Service Provider who deliver innovative services to their clients globally.

Important Note for AU and NZ Merchants:

Global Payments provide flexible and reliable payment solutions to the Australian and New Zealand markets through its Ezidebit brand.
Please note that we are currently working on implementing our Ezidebit integration. We will notify our AU and NZ Partners in due course.

Wise-Pay has been built with a detailed and comprehensive integration with Global Payments which allows service providers to maximize processing efficiency for recurring and Pay Now invoices.

Global Payments offer a number of payment options for each region including:

  • Bank Debit
  • Visa Card
  • Master Card
  • American Express (AMEX)
  • Diners Club
  • Discover
  • JCB

Using Global Payments as a Merchant Provider

A Wise-Pay subscription includes a standard account with Global Payments. 

Global Payments Rates: Integrated Payment Prices

Configuring Payments via Global Payments

To configure your Global Payments Merchant, you’ll need to obtain your credentials for Global Payments and then setup your Wise-Pay Merchant Account. 

Obtaining your Global Payments credentials 

Global Payments uses a Transaction API Key, Pay Field API Key and an API secret, as well as Account Credentials for each Terminal needed for payment processing. These credentials all need to be configured in Wise-Pay before you can accept payments. 
It's important to note that separate Terminals need to be set up for Bank Debits and Credit Cards (i.e. One Terminal for each).

API keys and Account Credentials

To obtain your API Keys and Terminal Account Credentials: 

  1. Complete the Global Payments Application Process
  2. Complete and return your documents through the Onboarding Dashboard
  3. Obtain the API Keys from the "Welcome to Global Payments" email from Global Payments

Configure your Wise-Pay Merchant account

Once you have obtained the required credentials, you can configure your Merchant Configuration for Global Payments. To configure your merchant account, refer to the Merchant Configuration KB.

Frequently Asked Questions

Global Payments is not available in my region, what options do I have?

Global Payments is our preferred payment provider, we've worked hard to provide the best rates by partnering with them. In regions where it is not possible to have a Global Payments merchant, then we will gladly substitute an alternative provider.

Alternative Payment Providers:

How to Configure Bank Reconciliation Groups for Global Payments
Here's how to do it:
  1. Edit your Merchant Settings
  2. Select Settlement Group tab
  3. Update Settlement group values (if required)
  4. Click Save

What is Prepayment Deposit Grouping?

By enabling this feature, Global Payments will then settle payments received from the various prepayment sources into discreet groups based on the source of the transaction ie:

  • ConnectWise Sell
  • iSell (eCommerce)
  • ConnectWise Email Invoice Links (when an invoice has not yet been synced), and
  • Virtual Terminal
What does this mean:

Merchant Administrators will have the following ability:

  • Payments settled to the bank account will be grouped by the Transaction Description set by the source of the transaction.
  • Merchants will receive the funds into their bank accounts settled as total funds grouped by the reference for each payment source.
Validating Bank Accounts

When a bank account is saved for a payer, Global Payments will validate the account by debiting a nominal amount of $0.01. In majority of cases your payers will not see this debit appear as the transaction will be voided immediately after it has been validated.

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