Wise-Pay Update - 29th June 2020

Hotfix - 29th June 2020

We have resolved an issue where a payer linked to multiple company accounts were incorrectly being subscribed for events for both companies. Payers with multiple company accounts will no longer receive multiple event notifications when they are only subscribed to an event for one company.

Wise-Pay General Release - 22nd June 2020

This release welcomes fixes to some common bugs!

Notification Improvements

Scheduled Payment Failure Event Notification

Subscribers to the Scheduled Payment Failure Event Notification, were being spammed if a Bank Debit failed with a Late Rejection (Invalid Bank Account) error and the InvoicePaymentID did not exist. These instances are now being handled.

Branding Logo mis-alignment

If Branding preference in notifications was set to Left Align, the logo was not aligned properly.

Other Updates

  • In some cases, invoies could not be printed from the Transaction History screen or the Past Payments Widget (in the dashboard). This has been resolved.

Upcoming Release Features

  • Commencing development to improve the end-to-end Wise-Pay Guest Payment experience, while also allowing Guest Payments to be made by ACH/DDR.

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