The Scheduled Payments Widget

What is it?

The Scheduled Payments widget displays payments that have been scheduled. Invoices in this widget remain here until the payment has been fully processed.

Payments can be scheduled:

  • Manually - From the invoice listed in the Outstanding Payments widget, click Actions > Schedule a Bank Debit¬† either by the Payer or by the Administrator.
  • Automatically - A payment can be automatically scheduled via the Automatic Payment feature, configured by the Administrator.

What information am I looking at?

The Invoice ID.
Payer / Payment Company
The payer company to whom the invoice has been issued.
The payment method used for that payment.
The amount of the payment.
Scheduled Date
The date the payment is scheduled for processing.

What can I do with these payments?

Click the Actions drop down on each scheduled payment:

  • Check Request: Wise-Pay checks the status of the payment with the payment processor and displays the status.
  • Cancel Payment: Wise-Pay cancels the scheduled payment removes the payment out of the widget.
  • Download PDF: Download a PDF copy of the invoice the payment is scheduled for.
  • Show Details: Wise-Pay pops up a window displaying the details of the payment.

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