ConnectWise PSA Payment POD

WisePay is now available inside of ConnectWise PSA!
You might have noticed the new Payment POD that popped up on your Invoice screen? Over the coming weeks and months we will bring you some of the features of WisePay to this POD, right where you need it the most.

How the Payment POD works:

If you are an active WisePay admin user, when you load the Invoice screen in PSA, the Payments POD will authenticate your user credentials (ie email address). When your default ConnectWise email address matches an active admin user's email address in WisePay, the Payment POD will authenticate you and load.

Payment POD functionality:

  • Pay Invoice: Clicking this button will take you straight to the WisePay payments screen so you can take payment on your payer's behalf.
    If you are not logged into WisePay at the time, you will first be presented with the WisePay login screen. Once you log in, you will be able to take payment the exact same way you do from inside Wise-Pay currently.
  • Send to Terminal: For those merchants who have a GPI Device to take in-person card payments, you will be able to access the Card Present payments screen when you click this button.
    You can read more about our Card Present feature here.
  • COMING SOON - Re-send Reminder: Clicking this will trigger the WisePay Payment Reminder email to be sent to the Payer's email address.
    Note: a payer account for the Payer Company needs to be saved in WisePay for the email to be triggered.
    Even if that payer is not subscribed to the Payment Reminder event notification in WisePay, the email will still be triggered when this button is clicked.
  • COMING SOON - Refund: For paid invoices, you will be able to initiate a refund or partial refund from inside the POD.


For the buttons to display, the invoice does need to be synced to WisePay.

If there are any other WisePay features you would like to see in the Payment POD, please don't hesitate comment on this Enhancement Forum topic.

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