Manage Payers

Who can Manage Payers?

Both Merchant and Company Administrators can manage payers. Check out User Access Management for more information.
Payers are also able to manage their own details in Wise-Pay. Refer to FAQ: Being a Wise-Pay Payer.

How do I get there?

From the top menu, click Payer Admin.

What do I do?

Wise-Pay will list payers registered in your Merchant Account. From here, you are able to add, find, edit and delete payers and manage their credit cards, bank accounts and automatic payments on their behalf.

What do you want to do?

Here's how to do it...

Search for a PayerHow To Search For a Payer
Add a PayerHow to Add a Payer
Rename a Payer's company nameHow to Manage Company Name for Payers
Edit a Payer's user detailsHow To Edit Payer Details
Manage a Payer's Credit CardsHow to Manage Credit Cards for Payers
Manage a Payer's Bank AccountsHow To Manage Bank Account Details of Payers
Manage a Payer's Automatic Payment MappingsHow to Manage Auto-Pay Terms for Payers
Manage a Payer's NotificationsConfigure Notifications
Delete a PayerHow to delete a payer

What are these icons?

Each icon allows you to manage a component of the payer easily. Hover over them, to find out what they do.

Wise-Pay dynamically shows the status of a Payer's Credit Card, Bank Account, Automatic Payment Mappings and the Payer overall by changing the colour of the icon. Here is what they mean!

Credit Card Bank Account Automatic Payment Mappings Payer
No credit card is configured for this Payer.
A credit card is configured with no transactions processed yet.
A credit card is configured with and payments with this card successfully processed.
A credit card is configured and is either inactive or is about to expire.
A credit card is configured and has expired or payments with this card have failed.

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