Processing Refunds in WisePay (GPI & Ezidebit)

There are times when you might need to refund a payment back to your customer. Some of these times include:

  • The invoice amount was incorrect and your customer has been overcharged
  • Payment was received twice (directly received from the customer and was also paid via WisePay)
  • Customer request (payment will be paid via an alternate method)

Steps to follow:

For merchants who are using Global Payments Integrated (GPI) or Ezidebit to process payments, follow the below steps to initiate a refund via WisePay for both bank debit (ACH) and credit card payments:

  1. To initiate a refund, go to the Show Details screen for the payment
    • Either from the Past Payments widget on the WisePay Dashboard > Actions > Show Details
    • Or from Transaction History > Payments > Actions > Show Details
  2. Click the ‘Refund’ button at the bottom of the Show Details pop up
  3. An ‘Are you sure’ message will be displayed confirming the refund details
    • Note: If a credit card surcharge was incurred, the total refund amount will include the surcharge that was paid. 
  4. If you wish to process a full refund, click OK, if you wish to process a Partial Refund, click the edit icon next to the refund amount and edit the amount to be refunded.
    • Note: If you don't wish to refund the credit card surcharge that was paid, you can edit the refund amount to be net of the surcharge
  5. Once confirmed, please wait for the payment gateway's response to be returned so you know if the refund was successful or not
  6. In your Accounting Package, remove the payment from the invoice 
  7. Run a Payment Sync in Wise-Sync

Items to note:

  • Payments can only be refunded if the payment is in a settled (or to be settled but cannot be voided) status with the payment gateway.
  • Only Payments processed by WisePay can be or Refunded
  • Only the amount of the actual payment can be refunded 
    • If a surcharge was incurred by the customer, the refund amount will include the surcharge paid
      Please note that you will not be able to recover the surcharge from the payment gateway
  • Ezidebit require that you to have funds available in trust with them (i.e. not yet settled) that cover the value of the refund amount
  • The Ezidebit refund transaction fee is the same as the transaction fee for a bank account debit (for DD) or an instant card payment (for card transactions)
  • Payment can only be refunded back to the saved bank account or credit card used for the initial payment
  • In the payment gateway, a secondary transaction reference is issued and would be a linked transaction entry: 
    • Processed Transaction ID: (Payment)
    • Refunded Transaction ID: (Refund, Payment)

Enabling Ezidebit Refunds

This feature is now available for all existing Ezidebit accounts. 

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