FAQ - How long before a customer/client is availabe in Wise-Pay Admin

Question: I have added a new Customer in ConnectWise, but it isn't available in the list to be added in the Wise-Pay Admin.  How long do I have to wait?  or does it sync straight away?

You do not have to wait, the new payer can be entered straight away. The new customer that you have just created will not appear in the 'Autofill' section until a record has been synced to your accounting package.

If you have not synced a customer record, ensure you copy and paste the EXACT customer name from ConnectWise into the 'Payer Company Name'. The match is a text match, and is case sensitive. The below screenshot displays the ConnectWise Company and where shows where the information is coming from:


Any minor differences in the Company Name will result in an error when trying to match automatic payments.

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