Manage Wise-Pay User Access

A merchant can manage permissions for the users of their Wise-Pay account. Managing user access involves creating a user in Wise-Sync and setting its permissions through the User Access Management page in Wise-Pay.

Adding a Wise-Pay user

For users who need access to Wise-Pay and/or Wise-Sync, they first need to be created in Wise-Sync via the Users screen.
For more information on adding specific Wise-Sync users, refer to Configure Wise-Sync Users.

How do I get there? 

  1. Go to Wise-Sync > Users
  2. Click on +New User
  3. Enter the fields as per the table below:
SettingWhat to do
Role Name Select the role to assign to the user. Choose from the following options:
  • Account Admin -> can access both Wise-Sync AND Wise-Pay
  • Merchant-Admin -> Access to Wise-Pay only; can edit Merchant  Configuration settings, invoices and has the ability to process payments. 
  • Merchant-User -> Access to Wise-Pay only; can access invoices, create and manage Payers, and process payments only (no access to Merchant configuration) 
  • User -> can only access Sync functions in Wise-Sync, has no Wise-Pay access
First NameEnter the user's first name
Last NameEnter the user's last name
Email AddressEnter the user's email address

The email address needs to be unique to that person, as it will become their username for Wise-Pay and/or Wise-Sync.
UsernameUneditable field. Username defaults to the email address entered.
Password & Confirm PasswordCreate a password for the new user
ConnectWise: Member ID
(OPTIONAL FIELD: ConnectWise Account-Admin and User roles only)
Enter the person's ConnectWise Member ID.

The Member must have the appropriate permissions assigned. Read up about this at Pre-Setup ConnectWise > Step 1 > Apply PSA Member Security.
ConnectWise: Member password & Confirm Member Password
(OPTIONAL FIELD: ConnectWise Account-Admin and User roles only)
Enter the person's ConnectWise Member Password.
Test ConnectWise Connectivity
OPTIONAL FIELD:  ConnectWise Account-Admin and User roles  only)
Click to test the ConnectWise Member Credentials you have entered.

Configure specific Wise-Pay User Access 

When an Account-Admin, Merchant-Admin or Merchant-User have successfully been added to your company in Wise-Sync, they appear automatically in User Access Management in Wise-Pay.

  1. Go to Wise-Pay > Configure > User Access Management
  2. Check that the desired role is set for the user:
    • Is Merchant Admin: User can configure merchant account settings; process payments; access invoice. User cannot access Payer information on Payer Admin screen.
    • Allow Company Access: Enables the user to create and manage Payers.
    •  The table below further describes the screens and functions accessible for each role
      • If you wish for your Merchant-Admin user to have full access to Wise-Pay, which includes creating and managing Payers, simply check the 'Allow Company Access' checkbox for them
  3. Click Save if you make any changes.

This table provides the detail provided for each user role:

Is Merchant Admin
Allow Company Access

Outstanding Payments
Scheduled Payments
Automatic Payments
Past Payments
Scheduled Payment > Check Request
Scheduled Payment > Cancel Payment
Schedule Payment > Download PDF
Schedule Payment > Show Details
Past Payments > Print Invoice
Past Payments > Print Surcharge
Past Payments > Show Details
Transaction Failure > Mark as Resolved
Transaction Failure > Fix
Transaction Failure > Show Details
Unprocessed Payments
Unmatched Auto-Payments

Manager User Access Rights

Edit / Configure your Merchant Details

Enable and Configure Automatic Payments

Edit Terms and Disclaimers

Update Branding

Payer Admin

Add Payer

Delete Payer

Edit Payer's Account

Add Bank Account

Delete Bank Account

Update Bank Account

Add Credit Card

Delete Credit Card

Update Credit Card

Allocate Automatic Payment Terms

Rename Payer Company

Delete Auto-Payment Terms

Pay Now

Schedule Payment (Bank Account)
Download PDF
Transaction History
Search for Payments
Search for Automatic Payments

My Details

Saved Credit Card

Save Bank Details


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