Wise-Pay prepayments in QuickBooks Online

Applies to: ConnectWise Manage, Datto Autotask PSA and QuickBooks Online

Wise-Pay prepayments occur when we receive money from a client but do not have an invoice to match the payment. In QuickBooks Online, these are referred to as Unapplied payments. Wise-Pay will automatically create an unapplied payment in QBO for the processed amount against the Bank Account for Prepayments specified in your Wise-Pay Merchant Configuration.

To identify if you have received a prepayment, you should be reviewing your settlement reports daily from Payrix. 

Payrix will settle prepayments separately and you will see "PP_" in the transaction reference.

Once you have identified that you have received a prepayment, you will want to take the following steps.

    1. Ensure that the invoice has been created and synced from your PSA (ConnectWise or Autotask)
    2.  In QBO, search for PP_ to locate the unapplied payment.  Click to open the record.

    3. Using the checkboxes on the left, apply the unapplied payment to the appropriate invoice and save.

    4. Reconcile the prepayment against the deposit from Payrix. Navigate to the Banking menu.  You should see a Match already queued up in the "For Review" screen.  Confirm that you are matching the received deposit against the Prepayment and select Match.


You will NEVER apply a prepayment to an invoice from the Banking menu in QBO when Wise-Pay has processed a payment.  Prepayment deposits from Merchant Provider (GPI or Ezidebit) will be reconciled against the unapplied payment directly.  Bulk deposits for payments applied directly to invoices will be reconciled against the Wise-Pay Clearing account.

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