Wise-Pay Event Notifications

Event Notifications are alerts that are triggered by an event that occurs in Wise-Pay.

What's an event?

An event is something that has occurred in Wise-Pay, triggered by something a user has done or triggered automatically by Wise-Pay. Here are some examples of events and how a notification can be of benefit.

  • If a payment has been processed and it has been rejected, the appropriate users are notified so that they can fix the problem and settle the account sooner rather than later.
  • If a credit card is found to be expiring in 30 days, a notification is sent to the appropriate users so that credit card details can be updated before the next payment is due.

How are notifications delivered?

Notifications can be delivered via email and/or displayed in Wise-Pay to users that are subscribed to the event. The Merchant has control over the events that are configured, who is notified and the content of the notifications. Once a merchant has enabled notifications for events, users then have control over what events they are subscribed to and how notifications are delivered to them.

What do I need to do?


Click here to find out how to configure Event Notifications for your Merchant.


Click here to find out how to configure the notifications you receive.

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