Credit Card Surcharges Overview

What are Credit Card Surcharges

Wise-pay allows you to control surcharges by card type, together with flexible options for where to record the surcharges revenues, and even allocation of payment to account by card type. If you do not wish to charge any credit card surcharges, you can remove all surcharges from your account. Wise-Pay also has the ability to override surcharges on auto payments on specific billing terms.

How are credit card surcharges configured?

To learn more about Credit Card Surcharges configuration, see Merchant Configuration

What do I need to do?

Wise-Pay allows you to:

  • Configure surcharges and transaction charges based on Credit Card type, within the Merchant Configuration.
  • Configure surcharges for Automatic Payments, within the Billing Term settings.
  • Override surcharges when processing payments by Merchant Administrators.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Does Wise-Pay automatically handle the Payment Surcharge? 

A surcharge is added to the total cost at the time payment is made. A surcharge invoice is generated at the time of processing in Xero or QBO. Wise-Pay automatically does handle Payment Surcharges. One of the core capabilities is for Wise-Pay to automatically handle Surcharges, as well as managing payment deposits directly in your accounting package. Your customer is able to download a copy of the Surcharge Invoice from the Actions in the Past Payments widget.


FAQ- How to Override Surcharges 
Only Merchant Administrators can override a surcharge fee and you can do this when processing the payment

Credit Card Surcharges Guidelines - Australia 

In relation to the Credit Card surcharge, under the new ACCC regulations, you are able to pass on the full credit card acceptance costs levied on the payment.  In accordance with the regulation, you can justify this cost based on those costs charged by Payrix. This includes the surcharge charged for the transaction in full and the transaction fee charged for accepting payment.


For more information regarding Credit Card Surcharges and amounts please refer to the ACCC website:
Credit, Debit & Prepaid Card Surcharges
Q & A: Payment surcharges

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