FAQ - How to edit Autotask variables in a PayNow email link

What's a PayNow email link?

Allow your customers to pay an invoice quickly via a Pay Now button from invoices you have emailed to them. See Payment Options - PayNow Email Links - Autotask.


The link contains standard Autotask Variables that provide information to Wise-Pay, such as the Account ID, Account Name, Invoice Number and Invoice Amount, so that Wise-Pay knows what invoice your customer wants to pay when they click Pay Now from their invoice or the email body the invoice was sent in. Here is an example extract of the HTML provided by Wise-Pay that is embedded in an Email Message Template in Autotask:

https://xxx.wise-sync.com/PaymentProxy/PayNow/Email?apiKey=28187c6221a84d11bc4f556057e792e4&invoiceNo=[Invoice: Invoice Number]&amount=[Invoice: Grand Total]&companyCode=[Account: Company Name]

The standard Autotask Variables Wise-Pay uses for the PayNow Email Link generated for you may differ from your Autotask environment. This is controlled by Autotask's Local Terms & Symbol's settings. Read more about Autotask Local Terms & Symbols here.When you generate invoices and send them in an email from Autotask, the email may not render the necessary information in those variables. When your customer clicks on the PayNow Email Link from the body of the email you've sent, an error may occur because Wise-Pay can't tell what invoice your customer wants to pay.

The scenario below is a new customer paying an invoice that hasn't been synced from Autotask to the Accounting Package yet and therefore doesn't exist in Wise-Pay for a payment to be applied. A prepayment has been created (which is expected), but, because the Account Name has not rendered correctly in the PayNow Email Link, Wise-Pay doesn't know who paying company is:

How do I fix it?

The PayNow Email Link URL must be changed in the Email Message Template to match your current Local Terms Preference. The steps below outlines how to fix the issue outlined in the example above where the Local Terms Preference is Company. You will need to work out which Autotask Variable needs to be fixed before completing the steps below.

Here's how to do it:

    1. In your Datto Autotask PSA, navigate to Admin Features and Settings
    2. Click Finance,  Accounting and Invoicing
    3. Under the Invoices heading, click Invoice Email Messages.

    4. Select the Invoice Email Message you wish to add the Pay Now button to.

    5. In Design view, locate the PayNow button.

    6. Switch to HTML view and locate the PayNow button HTML.

    7. Highlight the variable you need to fix, then click Insert Variable.

    8. Select the variable you need

    9. Update each instance of the variable in the URL

    10. Save the message.

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