Known Issue: Sometimes searching for Payers in the Invoice Batch screen returns no results




When navigating the Batch Pay Now screen from the top Menu, generally you need to search for the payer first before selecting invoices for payment.

Sometimes, searching for payers doesn't work. When you enter the payer's name (either full or partial) there are either no results, the search doesn't complete or you are faced with this error:

What are we doing about it

It's in our backlog to investigate and resolve this error. It may be a caching issue but on initial investigation we're finding this may be a problem more so for those using QBO, than those using Xero.


Workaround 1

From the Outstanding Payments widget, search for an invoice you wish to pay.

Use Batch Pay Now. This will give you a list of the payer's outstanding invoices you can choose to pay.

Workaround 2

If you must navigate to the Batch Pay Now screen from the top Menu and search doesn't work, try this:

1. Click Go from the search bar without entering a payer name.

You'll get the error below

2. Replace the text undefined with the Payer Company Name exactly as it appears in the invoice.

3. Hit Enter.

4. Select the invoices you want to pay and continue to process your batch payment.

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