The Transaction Failures Widget

What is it?

The Transaction Failures widget displays failed payment attempts.

What information am I looking at?

The date of the failed attempt.
The Invoice ID.
Payer / Payment Company
The payer company to whom the invoice has been issued.
The payment method used for that payment.
The amount of the payment.
Failure Reason
The reason the payment failed.

What can I do with these invoices?

Click Actions against each transaction failure, depending on the failure will allow you to:

  • Fix the transaction. If the transaction is fixed manually, Wise-Pay assumes you have manually fixed the payment in your Accounting Package and marks the invoice as paid in Wise-Pay only. It does not update ConnectWise or your Accounting Package.
  • Mark the transaction as resolved. This option does not update ConnectWise or your Accounting Package.
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