Error: Invoice couldn't be processed for automatic payment.  Scheduled payment date has exceeded this Merchant's maximum allowed number of overdue days.

The below error message is indicating that a automatic payment has been synced, however it is unable to be scheduled for automatic payment as it exceeds the maximum number of days allowed.

Automatic Payments configuration settings contain: Maximum Days Past Due - This is if past due payments are enabled to be scheduled, set the maximum days allowed.  When greater than this value payments will need to be scheduled manually.

This setting is designed to ensure you don't accidentally bill old invoices by auto payment so we recommend completing either option 1 or 2.

Process automatic payments that have failed

There are a couple of different options available to resolve the above issue:
  1. Locate the invoices in Outstanding Payments > Actions > PayNow
    This will enable you to process payment via a Credit Card immediately

  2. Locate the invoices in Outstanding Payments > Actions > Schedule
    This will enable you to schedule the invoice to be paid on a particular day via a bank account

  3. Change your Autopayments configuration settings to increase the Maximum Days Past Due > located the invoices in Auto Payments > Reset & Requeue