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Wise-Pay > Version Release Notes: v1.5.0

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Hot Fix Release:  v1.5.0.6

  • #WP-257: Scheduled Payment cache transaction does not get invalidated when payment is made against scheduled transaction
  • #WP-283: Event broker job doesn't run often enough to accommodate for demand.

 Hot Fix Release:  v1.5.0.5

  • #WP-254: XML error when viewing All Transactions from the Outstanding Payment widget
  • #WP-263: Incorrect error is displayed due to invalid handling of security errors
  • #WP-264: Scheduled Bank Debits are not canceled when an update to the accounting record is triggered
  • #WP-274: API extender not working
  • #WP-280: Infinite auto-payment log records are created when transaction results in rate limit failure
  • #WP-282: Failing Site Security Scan: CGI Generic Path Traversal
  • #WP-266: Update cache update flows using the old cache key format
  • #WP-265: Un-handled exception during project callback processing.

Hot Fix Release:  v1.5.0.4

  • #WP-228: Payer Invite Accepted Notification does not fire (9 November 2017)
  • #WP-236: Home Page Performance Optimisation (9 November 2017)
  • #WP-241: Past Payment Widget Does Not Display a Payment Made via Xero (Guest) Payment Flows (9 November 2017)
  • #WP-242: Transaction Summary Report Ordered by Date Ascending (9 November 2017)  
  • #WP-245: Add Queryable Support To Specification Pattern (9 November 2017)
  • #WP-246: Add Paging Support (9 November 2017)
  • #WP-248: Add Widget Totals (9 November 2017)
  • #WP-249: Unhandled Error During Cache List Deserialisation Prevents Data From Being Loaded (9 November 2017)
  • #WP-254 : Yellow screen with errors is displayed when viewing All Transactions from the "Outstanding Payment Widget"
  • #WP-255: Scheduled Bank Payment Is Not Removed Entirely From Scheduled Payment Widget After Cancellation (9 November 2017)
  • #WP-256: Cache Update Messages For "Insert" Operations Are Not Working As Expected (9 November 2017)
  • #WP-258: Remove YSOD From 'Release' Configuration (9 November 2017)  
  • #WP-259: Unhandled Error After Updating Payer Payment Method (9 November 2017)
  • #WP-263: The "The merchant API Login ID is invalid or the account is inactive." error is displayed even when the payment is processed successfully. 
  • #WP-264 : The Scheduled Bank Debits are not canceled when an update to the accounting record is triggered
  • #WP-265 : Unhandled exception (Is it what you called UHE?) occurs during project callback processing
  • #WP-266 : The cache update messages missing some important details required to filter records on the Home page.
  • #WP-274 : The API Extender is not working, blocking billing locale tax defaults to be applied for new sign-ups.
  • #WP-280 : An infinite number of Auto-Payment Log records are created when a transaction results in Rate Limit Failure error.
  • #WP-282 : Failed site security scan leading to PCI non-compliance.

Hot Fix Release:  v1.5.0.2

  • #WP-243: Payment Display Errors All Merchant Data When Logging in For The First Time (27 October 2017)
  • #WP-244: Unhandled Error In Caching Service  (27 October 2017)

Hot Fix Release:  v1.5.0.1

  • #WP-240: Account Merchant Data Visible when first logged in (26 October 2017)
  • #WP-235: Unhandled Error When Parsing Cache Item Expiry (26 October 2017)
  • #WP-239: Outstanding Payment Widget Displaying Merchant Statistics For Payers (26 October 2017)
  • #WP-237: Outstanding Payment Cache Insert Incorrectly Logged As Error (26 October 2017)

Release date: 23rd October 2017

New Features:  

  • #WP-171: Add Caching Service
  • #WP-173: Add 'Clear All Notifications' to App Notifications
  • #WP-196: Prevent payments where currency of invoice does not match currency of merchant
  • #WP-223: New Spinner causes no action menus to fire    

Issues Fixed:

  • #WP-163: Cannot add Auto-Pay terms to Payer as Super Admin/Merchant Admin 
  • #WP-192: Retry/Check Status while transaction is paid but not settled, incorrectly removes 'IsPaymentTaken' flag
  • #WP-199: Auto-Payments failing to process indefinitely when terms have been deleted
  • #WP-209: Surcharge Invoice appears in Cache results as 0.000 
  • #WP-211: Cache update causes Auto-Payment failure
  • #WP-64: Transaction Search not always displaying error transactions
  • #WP-104: Resolve invoice which has a number.{x} for all work flows
  • #WP-124: Scheduled Credit Card Auto-Payments do not get processed once they've missed their scheduled window
  • #WP-187: Default settings templates removed after deployment
  • #WP-189: PayNow and transaction history menus show for guest flows 
  • #WP-13: Action buttons still working on session time out 
  • # WP-37: Replace 'Print Surcharge Invoice' button with dynamic text
  • #WP-123: Add timezone conversion grace period when scheduling payments
  • #WP-197: Unable to remove an invoice from a batch where a payment has already been removed
  • #WP-200: Include Account Merchant in Auto-Payment validation error notification
  • #WP-205: Allow 'Submitted' invoices to be Automatically Approved
  • #WP-207: Display 'Debit Date' instead of 'Date Created' for transactions that were scheduled


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