In-Person (Card Present) Payments

For GPI Merchants who wish to take In-Person payments, please follow the steps to get this solution up and running for your merchant account.

What is a Card Present Transaction?

A Card Present transaction is one where the customer is in-store and wishes to pay via a Terminal/Device with their physical credit or debit card.

How do I set this up?

Please contact the Wise-Pay Support Team for assistance, as the first step is contacting Global Payments Integrated to have Terminals set up and sent out for your merchant account.
Once this is set up with GPI, our Support Team can enable this feature for your account. Then you can simply 'add' the GPI 'Device ID' to the Configure > Merchants > API Keys tab for your merchant account. Don't forget to click Save!

How does the payment flow work?

  1. From inside Wise-Pay, simply click the Actions > Send to Terminal button for an invoice.
    You can also pay via your Merchant Quicklink for those staff members who are not logged into Wise-Pay.
  2. A Wise-Pay payments screen will open in a new browser tab
  3. Verify the invoice details in the left widget
  4. If this is the first time making a Terminal payment, you will need to select the Terminal to send the payment to.
    Note: As long as the same browser type is used for subsequent payments, the Terminal selected will be stored to your device's cookies. If the terminal needs to be updated, you will need to log in to select an alternate terminal.
  5. The payment amount is able to be edited if required by clicking on the pencil icon next to 'Amount Due'
  6. Click the 'Send to Terminal' button.
    This will send the Total Charge amount to the selected Terminal, where the customer can swipe their credit or debit card to make the invoice payment.
  7. If you need to cancel a payment before the card has been swiped, click the 'Cancel' button on the payments screen
  8. If the payment was successfully taken, you will be able to download both the Invoice and the payment Receipt to provide to your customer
  9. If the payment failed to process for some reason, and error will be displayed and you are able to click the 'Re-send to Terminal' button for the customer to try again


Currently surcharges will NOT be applied to the transaction. Coming soon will be the ability to apply your merchant's configured surcharges to the payment with the ability to override them.

Quicklink Payments

When entering in the invoice number in the Quicklink flow, if the invoice has not yet synced to Wise-Pay and that invoice is in your Unposted Invoices list in your PSA, then that invoice will automatically be synced while it loads in the Payments screen!

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