FAQ - Send a receipt to client after credit card has been processed

There are multiple ways to provide your customer with a payment receipt:

    1. If your customer is a registered Wise-Pay payer, they are able to download the receipt themselves in the same way you are able to. They are also able to download a copy of the invoice in the Pay Now flow after the payment has been processed.
    2. If your customer does not have a Wise-Pay Payer account, you are able to go to your Past Payments widget on the Wise-Pay dashboard, and select the Print Invoice action option for the selected invoice. You can then save as a PDF and send to your customer. 
    3. If your customer is a registered Wise-Pay payer, you are able to configure an Event Notification to be automatically sent to your customer once a payment has been processed. Please refer to Wise-Pay Event Notifications for further details.

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