Payment Option: Configure PayNow Links

As a Merchant Administrator, you can configure PayNow links in Xero to get a payment for an invoice through the Xero interface. You can also generate a Quick link to get payment through the Wise-Pay Virtual Terminal.

How do I get there?

To configure your PayNow Links, click Configure from the top menu and select Merchants and click Edit Merchant > PayNow Links tab

What do I do?

This integration is a two-step process:

  1. Generate PayNow Links connection details from Wise-Pay interface
  2. Configure third-party application with PayNow Links connection details

Generate Wise-Pay Proxy from Wise-Pay

To generate proxy information, configure the settings below and click Save once done;

PayNow Link Type

Select the third-party application being configured.

Either Xero, Quick Link or ConnectWise, ConnectWise Customer Portal and Event Notification.

PayNow Link User

Select a user, this will be the user that will be linked to the PayNow Links access.

Click to generate the PayNow Links Information. Once generated the PayNow Links will be displayed in the list of PayNow Links as an active payment link.

Click Display to view the record in the PayNow Links Details popup. The following fields are displayed:

PayNow Link TypeThis is the third-party application being configured

Merchant Pay Now Link User Name: This is the user's email address linked to the PayNow Links

API Key: API key generated in Wise-Pay

URL: The URL that the third-party application will use to submit recurring Payments

Warning: Disabling Wise-Sync User

You are currently unable to delete Wise-Sync users. If you wish to disable a Wise-Sync user, you can do this by navigating to 'Users', click on the relevant username, then clicking on the 'Disable Account' button at the bottom of the screen.

In the instance where a Wise-Sync user has been disabled and this user is also assigned to a Wise-Pay Proxy, the Wise-Pay Proxy will be made inactive. This means, your customers will be unable to use that PayNow link proxy. If a new PayNow link proxy needs to be configured use the steps above.

Configure third-party application with PayNow Links details

Configure Xero PayNow Link 

Step 1: Generate PayNow Url in Wise-Pay

  1. Click Configure
  2. Click Merchant
  3. Click Edit
  4. Click PayNow Links Tab
  5. Select the PayNow Link Type: Xero
  6. Select the PayNow Link User (this will be the user that will be linked to the proxy access
  7. Click Generate
  8. Click on: Display
  9.  Copy the following details into the Xero Payment Services Configuration Screen in the following steps: 


The above values are for illustration, your settings will be displayed and need to be copied exactly.

Step 2: Copy PayNow Link to Xero

  1. Log into Xero
  2. Click Settings
  3. Select General Settings
  4. Select Invoice Settings
  5. Click on Payment Services button at the top of the Invoice settings page
  6. Click + Add Payment Service button
  7. Select from the list: Custom Payment URL
  8. Enter Wise-Pay in the Name field
  9. Enter the URL into Your Custom URL field

Step 3: Apply Payment Services

To enable payment services for invoices, you need to set each branding theme to use Wise-Pay

  1. Click on Managed Theme
  2. Select Wise-Pay
  3. Click Save

Configure Wise-Pay Virtual Terminal (Quick Link) 

Step 1: Create a Quicklink

  1. Click on the Configure Menu > Merchants at the top
  2. Click on the Edit icon 
  3. Click on the PayNow Links Tab on that Top application tabs.
  4. Select Quick Link from the link type drop down list
  5. Select the User Account from the user drop down
  6. Click Generate.
  7. Click on Display to display the link
  8. Copy the Quick link URL including the long TransactionId
  9. Press Save then move to Step 2


    Instead of writing the code down with a notepad and pen, press CTRL + A, CTRL + C to automatically copy it to your computers inbuilt clipboard.

Step 2: Create the Custom User Menu in Connectwise

  1. In Connectwise, click on the Setup Tables
  2. Search for "Custom Menu Entry"
  3. Create a New Custom Menu Entry
  4. Enter the Title: Wise-Pay Virtual Terminal
  5. Enter the Quick Link copied from Step 1 into the Link field
  6. Download the Wise-Pay Logo and save this in a place to access later
  7. Access the place where you saved the file (you will need to change the file filter to include png files)
  8. Uncheck the "Open in New Window" checkbox.
  9. Select which Locations should be excluded (if you want to limit access to this menu).
  10. Press Test - To ensure that the link has been saved correctly, if it does not work, repeat the process at Step 1.
  11. Press Save, your link will be visible when you close and reopen ConnectWise.


    Virtual Terminal will only display the outstanding payment details for an invoice, not any customer details - it is important that you confirm details with the customer to ensure that you are paying the correct invoice.

Configure Event Notification
Coming Soon
Configure ConnectWise Customer Portal
  1. Log into ConnectWise
  2. Click System
  3. Click Setup Tables
  4. Search for Portal Configuration
  5. Edit Portal Configuration
  6. Click on the Invoices Tab
  7. Select Yes to enable online payments if it is presently disabled
  8. Select Authorize.Net from the Payment Processor
  9. Enter the Transaction Key into both API Login and Transaction Key
  10. Enter the Live URL into the URL
  11. Test Transactions - ConnectWise will simply test that the connectivity to the Wise-Pay processor is active, no test transactions are processed.
  12. Click Save

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